Apologies for the delay in sending you our annual pack - we've been working on a revamp & hope you'll like our new look.   

We have updated the format of our annual questionnaires and are opting to hold these forms on our website so that you can download them at the time you are preparing papers for us.

We don't plan to post out printed copies this year, but feel free to email us if you would like us to.

The questionaires can be found under the FORMS heading in our website, www.myersca.co.nz    or via the attached  link.


To save time and make the accounting process easy for all, it is important that you complete our questionnaires. These documents are important as they assist us both in the event of any IRD audit or review.  Please ensure that you have signed all completed questionnaires.    We will need supporting documents for all areas you answer YES to.

In addition to your business questionnaire, each person is to fill in an Individual tax form please.

If you wish us to complete your donation rebate claims, please supply all donation receipts, as IRD require us to sight all charitable receipts.

Please don't hesitate to phone or email us if you have queries about the information we require,  or if you would prefer us to post you printed copies.

Diane Myers

Phone 2929 470     Email diane@myersca.co.nz